Storytelling with Puppets

Join us as we bring stories to life with puppets!

Storytelling is an important part of the developmental foundation built in the formative years between birth and 7 years. Puppets are wonderful tool to use in storytelling. Having puppets in storytelling will value-add the session and enrich the visual learners through movement and colours. It also fosters social interaction, role-playing and imagination.

Programme Details:

 Brief Participants will be engaged in the imaginary world of the stories through the use of puppets.
Objective(s) Participants will be exposed to new vocabulary in a fun and engaging way.

Max of 60 pupils per session

Session can be conducted in English or Malay

Target Age Group : 3 - 8 years old

Choose one story from Cak Cak Kuti's list of titles.

Duration 30 mins
Cost $300 per session


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