About Us

Cak Cak Kuti was established in 2013 by a former teacher who has had about a decade of teaching experience. Starting out as a relief teacher right from the day she graduated from polytechnic, her passion for teaching has always been deeply rooted in her veins.

Throughout her teaching profession, she found that there is a huge lacking in Malay teaching resources for schools to complement the existing resources provided by the ministry. More often than not, teachers had to travel to the neighbouring country to get their resources or even create materials on their own. However, due to their busy schedules, this is often a huge challenge.

Therefore, after her resignation, but not wanting to leave the profession totally, coupled with her knowledge in design and skills in ICT, Cak Cak Kuti was founded.

One year on, Cak Cak Kuti not only carries Malay Language teaching resources but due to popular demand, it also caters to English and Chinese Language. Now, Cak Cak Kuti boasts a variety of products which include:

  • Charts
  • Posters
  • Stickers
  • Reward cards
  • Button badges
  • Self-inking stamps

These products are all self-designed and aimed with the children's interest at heart. You can only find unique, interesting, colourful and fun products that will definitely brighten up the child's day!

Update (01 August 2015)

Cak Cak Kuti is now made up of 2 former teachers who believe in fun, experiential learning. From supporting teachers in their teaching resources, Cak Cak Kuti now have expanded its wings to cater to students!

L-R: Afidah - Programme Director, Liza - Founder/Managing Director

We are proud to introduce you a line up of educational programmes that promises to bring learning the language and culture to a whole new level! Find out more about our educational programmes here!

Explore the limitless possibilities with Cak Cak Kuti today!

x Team Cak Cak Kuti x